Form a partnership or joint venture in Australia with these template agreements and contracts. Fully editable and easy to customise to meet your business needs.

Setting up a partnership in Australia is relatively easy and affordable. A partnership must have its own ABN and must lodge its own tax return, but the partnership itself is not taxed. It is the partners who are responsible for paying the taxes. Profits and losses are shared among the partners.

The downside is that the partners are personally liable for their own and for each other's actions. In other words, they share the liability just as they share the profits and losses.

Partnerships are governed by the laws of the State or Territory in which they were founded.

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Australia General Partnership Agreement

Set up a business partnership between two or more partners with this General Partnership Agreement template for Australia.

  • The term of the partnership is open ended, and will continue until all the partners agree to dissolve the partnership.
  • The agreement provides for additional capital contributions to be injected into the partnership by all partners when a cash call is made.
  • The partners cannot make voluntary capital contributions or make withdrawals o.....