Alberta residents, appoint an agent to act for you when you are unable to by completing one of these fully editable Power of Attorney Forms. You can also revoke (cancel) the Power of Attorney with a Revocation Form.

Q. Who can act as my attorney?
A. Under the Alberta Powers of Attorney Act, you can name anyone you know and trust to act as your attorney (agent), so long as that person is 18 years of age or older. He or she does not have to be living in Alberta, but it may be more convenient for your attorney and for you if it's someone who lives within a reasonable distance, especially when it comes to things like banking or dealing with business operations.

Q. If I make a power of attorney, does that mean I can't look after my own financial affairs any more?
A. Not at all. You still have the right to handle your own affairs if you are mentally capable of doing so. If you want to have your power of attorney only become effective in the event that you no longer have capacity, you can state that in the document. That is what's called a 'springing' enduring power of attorney.

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Alberta Enduring Power of Attorney

Make an Enduring Power of Attorney with this template form for the Province of Alberta.

  • This power of attorney becomes effective ONLY if you become incapacitated and are unable to act on your own behalf.
  • The powers granted in this document are "enduring", which means that they remain in effect until you revoke it in writing, or until your death.
  • You name someone to act as your attorney, to act on your behalf - to make decisions and manage your property and f.....

Alberta Revocation of Power of Attorney

Cancel your Power of Attorney with this Alberta Revocation of Power of Attorney form.

  • So long as you have mental capacity and can understand the impact of what you are doing, you have the right to cancel an existing Power of Attorney at any time, and revoke the powers you gave to your agent (attorney).
  • Once you have signed the form, give a copy of it to the attorney.
  • You should also give a copy to any banks, financial institutions, medical facilities, etc. t.....