Manufacturing Forms

Prepare your own manufacturing and supply contracts, warranties, terms of sale, and customer agreements with these customizable template Manufacturing Forms.

As a manufacturer, you know that maintaining a good relationship with your distributors and customers is critical to your business' bottom line. Treating these relationships more like partnerships can have beneficial results for both parties. A solid long-term relationship is based on trust, commitment and open communication - just like a marriage!

Distributors need to be committed to the products and marketing programs, promote the products effectively and manage inventory properly. Manufacturers must make sure that they manage their territories consistently, fill orders on time, and set realistic targets for their distributors. Both parties need to communicate and work together to establish their common goals and devise a plan for meeting those goals.

If you are planning to set up manufacturing in China or India because of lower labor costs you must also be aware that operating costs can be much higher than in other countries. Rising inflation has affected the cost of raw materials, labor, transportation, energy and land. And there may be significant delays due to bureaucratic red tape. It is essential to work closely with local partners that understand the cultural and political nuances and can negotiate the administrative maze effectively.

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Canada Exclusive Manufacturing Licence

License the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of products in Canada with this Exclusive Licensing Agreement.

  • The Agreement is between a party involved in the research and development of a product (the licensor), and a party who wants to acquire the exclusive right to manufacture, market and distribute the product within a defined territory (the licensee).
  • The licensee is granted patent rights and the right to utilize the licensor's trade secrets, processes, te.....

Canada Know-How License and Technical Assistance Agreement

License your proprietary technical information to your distributors and marketing network with this Know-How License and Technical Assistance Agreement for Canadian manufacturers.

  • The manufacturer (licensor) grants a license to other parties (licensees) to use the know-how so that the licensees can manufacture and distribute products within a designated territory.
  • The licensor will provide ongoing technical assistance in connection with the manufacturing, distributi.....

China Manufacturing Agreement for Auto Parts

Prepare a Manufacturing Agreement for Auto Parts with this customizable template for a manufacturer based in China.

  • Supply of Parts. The manufacturer will supply the customer with parts for vehicle production as well as after-sale products. The manufacturer will not supply those same parts to third parties without the customer's prior written consent.
  • Auditing. The customer reserves the right to audit the manufacturer's site, processes and quality contro.....

China Patent License Agreement

Give a Chinese company the right to use your patent to manufacture and sell products in the PRC under this Patent License Agreement for China.

  • Foreign corporations find it expedient to partner with domestic companies to enter the lucrative Chinese market. That scenario is an ideal application for this license agreement.
  • The licensor (foreign company) grants the licensee (domestic company) an exclusive license to use the patent for the purposes of manufacturing, sellin.....

China Product Supply Agreement

Set up a manufacturing and distribution facility in China with this template Product Supply Agreement.

  • The contract is between three parties - a buyer (a company that wants to distribute products in China), a Chinese manufacturing firm, and a supplier who will supply components and license its technology to the buyer.
  • Ventures of this kind allow companies to expand their business into international markets by partnering with local firms and with companies that are alr.....

China Technical Collaboration Agreement

Acquire the expertise and know-how needed to set up a manufacturing and distribution facility in China under this Technical Collaboration Agreement.

  • The contract is between three parties - a buyer (the company that wants to distribute products in China), a Chinese manufacturing firm, and a supplier who will supply components and license its technology to the buyer.
  • The supplier grants the buyer the right to have the manufacturer manufacture, sell and distribute the pr.....

Exclusive Manufacturing Rights Agreement

Sell exclusive rights to manufacture your products within a defined territory with this Exclusive Manufacturing Rights Agreement.

  • Parties. The Agreement is between (i) a party which has developed specialized technical know-how (the seller), and (ii) a buyer who manufactures and sells its products within the territory, but wants to obtain the exclusive right to manufacture the seller's products as well.
  • Know-How. The seller will fully disclose to the buye.....

Exclusive Patent License for Manufacturing

Give a manufacturer the right to use your patented invention or process to manufacture and distribute other products through this Exclusive Patent License Agreement.

  • The manufacturer is granted an exclusive worldwide license to use the inventor's patent for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing and selling products.
  • The manufacturer also has the right to use certain trade marks belonging to the inventor in connection with the products.
  • The manufacturer.....

Exclusive Right of Supply Agreement

Manufacturers and suppliers, prepare an Exclusive Right of Supply Agreement for a customer with this easy-to-use template.

  • The manufacturer will manufacture certain products for the customer, and will act as exclusive supplier of these products.
  • Prices on finished products will be determined by the quantity in each order which are delivered to and accepted by the customer. The manufacturer may change prices to reflect the costs of its raw materials or any increases i.....

India Manufacturing Joint Venture Agreement

Set up a joint venture for manufacturing, distribution and sale of products in India with this template India Manufacturing Joint Venture Agreement.

  • The parties will register a new company to manufacture, distribute and sell the products, both inside and outside of India.
  • The joint venturers will jointly own, operate and manage the joint venture company.
  • A joint venture of this type provides offshore companies with an opportunity to expand their business int.....