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    Bailment Agreement for Equipment | USA


    Use this USA Bailment Agreement form to place equipment in the possession of another party for their use and benefit.

    • The term of the contract will last as long as the equipment is in the possession of the bailee. The term can be extended or terminated by agreement of both parties.
    • The bailor retains ownership of the equipment at all times.
    • The bailee's use of the equipment must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
    • The bailee must keep the equipment in good operating condition at its own expense.
    • The bailee is liable for loss or damage to the equipment as long as it has possession of it.
    • Neither party is liable to the other for special, incidential or consequential damages.
    • This Bailment Agreement template is intended for use within the United States.
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    Last Updated: 24-October-2019
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