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    Bailment Agreement for Vehicle


    Place your vehicle temporarily in the care of another person with this easy-to-use Vehicle Bailment Agreement.

    • You need a Bailment Agreement for situations where your vehicle is in someone else's possession for a short period, for instance if you loan it to someone or they're storing a vehicle for you.
    • The bailee (person who has possession of the vehicle) is responsible for looking after the vehicle and returning it in the same condition as when it was bailed.
    • The bailee indemnifies the vehicle owner against all liability arising when the bailee had possession of the vehicle.
    • The owner may terminate the agreement prior to its expiry for any misuse or neglect of the vehicle by the bailee.
    • This Vehicle Bailment Agreement is a generic legal form template that is not country-specific and can be used almost anywhere.
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    Last Updated: 25-October-2019
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