Get the legal documents you need to cover a new home purchase loan in Nevada - download standard Nevada Mortgage Forms and start preparing your paperwork right away.

The Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending is responsible for enforcing laws and regulations that govern mortgage brokers, agents, bankers, escrow agents and other persons and firms who provide services related to mortgage loans. They oversee professional standards and behavior, and provide complaint resolution services to consumers.

Licensing is done through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS), however title companies who provide escrow services are licensed and regulated by the Nevada Division of Insurance.

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Nevada Contract for Deed

A contract for deed (also called an installment sales contract or land contract) gives sellers an opportunity to sell a real estate property to a buyer who does not qualify for a conventional mortgage loan. This template is for the State of Nevada.

  • The contract for deed is an owner financed transaction in which the seller also becomes the mortgage lender.
  • Even though the buyer takes possession of the property, title remains with the seller until all of the purchase pr.....

Nevada Deed of Trust

Home loans in Nevada are usually secured by a Deed of Trust instead of a mortgage. This downloadable template is for residential properties.

  • Do not use the Deed of Trust for farm land.
  • The property is conveyed to a trustee (such as a title company), to hold in trust as security to make sure the borrower / purchaser pays off the loan and performs its other obligations with respect to maintenance and upkeep, payment of taxes, insurance, etc.
  • The document conta.....