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    Software Licensing and Development Forms

    License your software to users and protect your rights as developer and author with these customizable software licenses and development contracts.

    computer equipment

    • You can use these forms to license software programs, mobile apps and games and to develop software applications designed to meet a customer's specifications.
    • These downloadable forms can be customized as desired to fit your unique needs.
    • Many of the templates are country-specific forms that were prepared to comply with the intellectual property laws of that country. Generic forms are also available that can be modified for any jurisdiction.

    Q. What provisions should be included in a software license?

    A.  Every software license should include the following terms:

    • An acknowledgement by the end user that they do not own the software but are only being granted a license to use the software, and that they understand that ownership remains with the developer (author) of the software.
    • The conditions covering use of the software:
      • How many users are allowed to install it (i.e. is it single-user or multi-user);
      • How many devices it can be installed on;
      • The manner in which the software can be used (i.e. personal or business use, restrictions on use by third parties like consultants, restrictions on modifications, etc).
    • A warranty by the developer that the software does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties, or an indemnity (hold harmless clause) against any costs and expenses arising from third party infringement claims.
    • System and hardware requirements.
    • The term of the license (is it a fixed term or open ended?) and a means to terminate the license.
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