Booking Agent & Manager Contracts

Manage musical artists, book live acts, and promote concert tours with these template contract forms for booking agents, personal managers and concert promoters.

  • Whether you manage, book or promote musical acts, contracts are at the heart of your business. These templates are written by legal professionals who are experts in entertainment law.
  • You can buy forms for the United States, Canada and the UK, as well as generic documents that are not country-specific.
  • Why pay a lawyer every time you need an agreement drawn up? Save money by using these easy-to-understand legal forms.
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Booking Agreement with Nightclub

Whether you're a booking agent or a band leader who books your own gigs, you can use this downloadable Booking Agreement to book a club engagement for a band or musical artist.

The nightclub contracts for the services of a band, singing act, or musician for a specific period of time (a week, a month, etc) or for a specified number of performances. Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • what happens if the nightclub defaults in its obligations;
  • time and length of the.....

Canada Musical Artist Management Agreement

If you manage bands and/or musicians in Canada you need to download this Musical Artist Management Agreement template.

  • As the artist's manager you will not only represent the artist, you will also offer advice, guidance, business expertise, and promotional services.
  • Your job is to supervise and guide the artist's career and professional development.
  • In return for management services, you receive a percentage of the artist's gross earnings.
  • You w.....

Live Concert Performance Contract Rider

Write up a Live Concert Performance Contract Rider for a contract between a band or musical artist and a concert presenter with this downloadable template.

The rider covers:
  • the technical requirements (sound, lights, staging, etc.) for the show,
  • any other performance requirements that the musical artist has, and
  • the artist's obligations to the concert presenter.
This Live Concert Performance Contract Rider form is fully editable .....

Personal Management Agreement

Talent managers can prepare customized Personal Management Agreements for the artists they manage with this fully editable template.

  • The manager agrees to provide professional advice in areas of artistic development, performance, marketing and promotion, and business development.
  • The manager specifically does NOT provide services which would typically be provided by an agent, such as obtaining employment, bookings, performances, etc.
  • The performer grants.....

Publicist Services Contract

Sign up performers to your public relations agency and write your own custom contracts with this easy-to-use Publicist Services Contract.

As the performer's publicist, you agree to provide advice and assistance in all areas involved with publicity and public relations, including:
  • choice of material to be performed by the artist,
  • attendance at functions and photo ops,
  • unpaid interviews in all media,
  • handling of press releases and articles, <.....

Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager

Prepare a Royalty Agreement between a musical artist and his/her manager with this downloadable template form.

  • The manager agrees to provide personal management services to the musician.
  • In return, the musician agrees to pay the manager a specified percentage of the artist's royalties on all sales of recordings.

Add this Royalty Agreement between Musician and Manager to your portfolio of management contract templates.


Sound and Lighting Contracting Agreement

Hire sound and lighting technicians and equipment for live performances with this Sound and Lighting Contracting Agreement.

  • The Agreement sets out the date(s) and time(s) at which set-up, sound check, and tear down of the sound and lighting equipment must take place.
  • The concert promoter is responsible for supplying security personnel and adequate electrical power and other requirements for the concert.
  • The concert promoter will provide venue passes and park.....

UK Performance Agency Contract

UK talent agents, sign up musical acts and live performers with this Performance Agency Contract template.

  • The Contract can be used for musicians, bands, magicians, dancers, and other live performance artists.
  • The Contract includes the performance agency's Standard Terms And Conditions and a schedule of information regarding the engagement.
  • Buy the form once, and it's yours to use as often as you require.
  • The Contract is governed by the laws of Eng.....

USA Booking Agreement (No Agent)

Book a band for a nightclub without going through a booking agent with this USA Booking Agreement between the club and the musical act.

The Booking Agreement includes provisions covering:
  • what happens if the employer defaults;
  • time and length of the band's breaks;
  • rules applying to the performance, such as dress, behavior, general conduct;
  • American Federation of Musicians (A.F.M.) required clauses;
  • blank contract rider form, whi.....

USA Exclusive Booking Agent Agreement

Sign up musicians, singing acts and bands for your services with this Exclusive Booking Agent Agreement.

  • The artist gives the booking agent exclusive rights to book performances and engagements for the artist.
  • The booking agent is paid on a two-tier commission scale based on the length of the engagement.
  • The booking agent is not required to work exclusively for the artist, but has the right to sign other musical acts on the same terms or otherwise.