Write the paperwork for a mortgage loan in Maine with these easy standardized templates.

The State of Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection licenses supervised lenders and loan brokers involved in making or arranging residential mortgage loans through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

The Bureau oversees non-bank mortgage lenders, brokers, and other consumer finance service providers, offers protection to consumers, handles complaints, and provides education and outreach for Maine residents.

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Maine Contract for Deed

A contract for deed (or land installment contract) gives a seller of real estate property in Maine a means of selling to a buyer who might not qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.

  • The seller takes over the role the mortgage lender by carrying all or part of the purchase price for the property.
  • The buyer will make regular payments of principal and interest, or principal only (both options are included in the template - you choose the one that reflects your circumst.....

Maine Fixed Rate Mortgage Note

A promissory note is part of every mortgage transaction. Fill in the details and have the borrower sign this Fixed Rate Mortgage Note for the State of Maine.

  • The terms of the Note require the borrower to repay the loan by making monthly payments of principal and accrued interest.
  • If on the maturity date there remains any amount outstanding, the borrower will pay the balance in full at that time.
  • As the note holder, you (the lender) have the right to demand r.....

Maine Mortgage Deed

Register a mortgage loan on a real estate property in the State of Maine with this Mortgage Deed form.

  • The Mortgage Deed sets out the total amount of the loan, the interest rate, and the amount of the payments to be made by the borrower.
  • The form references the statutory condition set out in MRS Title 33, Section 769, and a copy of the statutory condition is included for your convenience.
  • This is a digital download in MS Word format.

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