District of Columbia

Prepare professional leasing documents for commercial properties in the District of Columbia quickly and easily with these professional Commercial Lease Forms.

Commercial leases in District of Columbia are governed by common law. Business tenants are generally responsible for leasehold improvements, but the landlord has the right to approve the improvements and to secure a surety for lien purposes. It is usually up to the tenant to obtain a certificate of occupancy.

It is the landlord's responsibility to screen prospective tenants and determine their financial position and risk factors. The tenant is required to pay rent regardless of the condition of the premises and regardless of whether the landlord is fulfilled its obligations under the lease. The landlord must file suit to evict a tenant, and has the right to file suit immediately if the tenant defaults.

The most common form of business lease used in the Capitol region is a triple net lease.

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DC Commercial Lease Agreement

Lease space to a business tenant in DC with this comprehensive District of Columbia Commercial Lease Agreement.

  • The standard form agreement can be used to lease office or retail space.
  • The tenant has an option to renew the lease at the end of the term.
  • Optional clauses for payment of the property taxes by either the landlord or the tenant, as agreed to between the parties.
  • The tenant is responsible for carrying comprehensive public liability, .....

DC Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement

Lease office, retail or other business premises in Washington D.C. to a tenant with this District of Columbia Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement.

  • Triple Net Lease. A triple net lease means that the lessee covers all costs and expenses to do with the premises including structural repairs.
  • Renewal. The lessee has an option to renew the lease for an additional term.
  • Taxes and Charges. The lessee will pay all expenses, taxes, levies, and .....

DC Guaranty of Commercial Lease

Before executing a lease with a new corporate tenant, have one of the owners guarantee the business' obligations under this Guaranty of Commercial Lease.

  • The Guaranty form is only for leases in the District of Columbia.
  • This is a continuing and unconditional guarantee.
  • A principal of the company, such as a shareholder, partner, or sole proprietor must execute the form.
  • A guarantee of this type is typically required as an inducement to the lessor â.....