Downloadable and fully editable template forms for oil and gas interests and energy sector businesses in the USA.

The US Environmental Protection Agency monitors all phases of the mining and oil and gas sectors, including petroleum extraction, refining and manufacturing, mining, and natural gas extraction and production. Companies involved in resource development and extraction must comply with a host of laws and regulations regarding industrial waste, water and air quality, effluents, and underground injection controls.

The States with the highest percentage of oil reserves are Texas, Alaska, California, North Dakota and New Mexico.

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Texas Assignment, Bill of Sale & Conveyance of Oil & Gas Leases

Transfer your interest in petroleum leases in the State of Texas with this Assignment, Bill of Sale & Conveyance of Oil & Gas Leases.

  • The Assignment transfers and conveys the assignor's mineral and royalty interests, overriding royalty, net profits interests, production payments, as well as all equipment and fixtures used in connection with the leases in which the assignor has an interest.
  • The assignment is subject to the terms of the original leases and dep.....

Texas Waiver of Surface Rights

Waive your rights to surface rights under a mineral lease on Texas land with this Waiver of Surface Rights form.

  • Surface rights include all rights of ingress and egress, and the right to enter the property for purposes of exploring, developing and extracting oil, gas and/or minerals from the property.
  • The waiver does not exclude the lessee from exploring, developing and/or producing oil, gas and other minerals that may be produced from the property by pooling or by di.....

USA Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases

Assign your interest in oil and gas rights for properties located in the United States with this USA Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases.

  • The assignment transfers all of the assignor's interest to the assignee.
  • The assignor does not warrant the title.
  • The assignment is subject to all lease burdens, conditions and overriding royalties.
This USA Assignment of Oil and Gas Leases form is available as a downloadable Microsoft Word file wh.....

USA Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) Supply Agreement

Prepare a Fuel Supply Agreement for Tire Derived Fuel (TDF) with this template contract.

  • The supplier and the operator of the receiving facility must both obtain all the government permits and clearances required to allow them to perform their obligations before the agreement can become effective.
  • The TDF must meet the facility operator's specifications for cleanliness, size and combustibility in order to be acceptable.
  • If the facility operator's sampling te.....

Wyoming Surface Use Agreement

Wyoming well operators, use this ready-made template to draw up a Surface Use Agreement with a land owner, to drill a stratigraphic test well on the owner's property.
  • The land owner grants the operator a right of way to enter and use the property for the purpose of drilling and testing one stratigraphic test well.
  • If the operator needs to construct an access road, it must be done in such a manner as to cause the least amount of interference with the owner's operations.....