These customizable contracts and agreements are for web developers and service providers based in the USA.

  • You and your clients can both breathe easier when all the terms of your SLA are set down in writing.
  • We have contract templates for website developers, hosting services and ISPs.
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USA Channel Partner Agreement

Prepare a Channel Partner Agreement between a service provider and a channel partner with this easy template for the USA.

  • The channel partner will sign up subscribers for the provider's business networking services and solutions, in return for an ongoing commission payable on the recurring monthly revenue.
  • The network service provider authorizes the channel partner to market services for third parties which the provider is authorized to sell, and grants the channel.....

USA Co-Branding Agreement with Application Provider

Prepare a Co-Branding Agreement between a service provider and an application provider with this comprehensive template for the USA.

  • The service provider operates one or more websites which deliver third party content, products and/or services to its customers. The application provider has distributions rights for certain content, products and/or services it wants to disseminate through the service provider websites.
  • The co-branded application will be developed, host.....

USA Co-Location Agreement

USA internet service providers, prepare a Co-Location Agreement for a customer with this easy-to-use template.

  • The customer will co-locate its servers in the ISP's racks, and use its hub and backbone connection for internet access.
  • The service provider will perform installation and hookup, but will not provide troubleshooting or maintenance other than hardware reboots if necessary.
  • The ISP will charge additional fees for excess bandwidth.
  • The.....

USA Internet Media Services Agreement

US internet service providers, create your customer contracts with this Internet Media Services Agreement template.

The service provider will provide internet connectivity, and will develop a website for the customer, according to the customer's functional specifications. Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • acceptance testing procedures;
  • training and support services;
  • warranties and limited liability of developer;
  • intellectual property protec.....

USA Packaged Services Agreement

Do you provide bundled or packaged website services in the United States, such as web design, SEO, SEM, and web hosting? Prepare contracts for your customers with this Packaged Services Agreement template for USA based providers.

  • The service provider will provide sufficient qualified personnel and resources to supply the services in a time frame mutually acceptable to the parties.
  • Copyright in any software, documentation or other material provided by the service prov.....

USA Programmer Subcontract

US web developers, hire programmers with this USA Programmer Subcontract template.

  • The web development firm retains the programmer on a non-exclusive contractor basis, not as an employee.
  • All proprietary rights in the software being developed and any improvements or enhancements belong to the web development firm.
  • The contract includes non-competition and confidentiality provisions.
  • The contract is governed by United States laws.

USA Website Development Agreement

USA web developers, write your customer contracts with this comprehensive Website Development Agreement template.

Provisions of the Development Agreement include:
  • coordination of contract services between designated personnel of the web developer and the client;
  • procedure for change orders;
  • details of specifications and timing for deliverables;
  • web site hosting;
  • usage reports;
  • confidentiality and nondisclosure clauses;