Easily professional commercial leasing documents for Arizona business premises with these fully editable template lease forms which can be used by both landlords and property managers.

In Arizona, commercial landlords have the right to increase the rent for holdover tenants (tenants remaining in the premises after the expiration of the lease). The increased monthly rental usually falls somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 times the original lease rate. This compensates the landlord for its costs incurred by the tenant's failure to surrender the premises, while encouraging the tenant to renegotiate a renewal or extension before the end of the lease term. It also acts as a deterrent against any lengthy holdover stay by the tenant.

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Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement

Rent office, retail shopping or other business premises to a tenant with this comprehensive Arizona Commercial Lease Agreement.

  • The tenant has an option to renew the lease at the end of the term.
  • Optional clauses for payment of the property taxes by either the landlord or the tenant, as agreed to between the parties.
  • The tenant is responsible for carrying comprehensive public liability, fire and extended coverage insurance.
  • Optional clauses .....

Arizona Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement

Lease office, retail or other business premises to a tenant with this Arizona Commercial Triple Net Lease Agreement.

  • Triple Net Lease. A triple net lease means that the lessee covers all costs and expenses to do with the premises including structural repairs.
  • Renewal. The lessee has an option to renew the lease for an additional term.
  • Taxes and Charges. The lessee will pay all expenses, taxes, levies, and charges with respect to the prem.....

Arizona Lease Proposal for a Commercial Premises

Write up a proposal to lease a commercial premises in Arizona with this downloadable template.

  • The proposal outlines the plans and schedule for tenant improvements, name of the architect and the general contractor.
  • The proposal also breaks down all the lease costs, utilities, parking, and common area maintenance expenses.
  • The offeror (tenant) undertakes to obtain the insurance coverage required by the landlord within several days after taking possession of t.....

Arizona Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease

AZ commercial landlords, cancel an existing lease on office or retail space with this Arizona Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease template.

  • This agreement is for commercial tenants only. A different form is required for residential rental properties.
  • Both the lessor and lessee mutually agree to terminate the lease as of a specific date.
  • The cancellation of the lease extinguishes all the rights and.....

Arizona Notice of Assignment of Commercial Lease

Notify your business tenants that their leases have been transferred to a new landlord with this Arizona Notice to Tenants of Assignment of Commercial Lease.

  • This Notice must be given by the landlord of the building to all leasehold tenants following the sale of the premises to a new owner.
  • The Notice also instructs the tenants that rent is now to be paid to the new landlord.
  • This landlord tenant notice can be re-used as often as you require.
The .....

Arizona Renewal and Extension of Commercial Lease

AZ commercial landlords, renew and extend a business tenant's lease with this downloadable Arizona Renewal and Extension of Commercial Lease.

  • The parties agree to the expiry date of the new lease term, and the rental payments for the new term.
  • The tenant has no further right to extend or renew the lease.
  • The remaining terms and provisions of the original lease remain in full force and effect.
  • This form is for commercial leases only. You will need .....

Arizona Sublease Agreement (Commercial)

AZ commercial tenants, sublet all or part of your space to a subtenant with this Arizona Commercial Sublease Agreement.

  • This sublease can be used for offices, retail shops or other business premises.
  • The subtenant must pay a security deposit to the original tenant.
  • The subtenant pays rent to the tenant, who in turn pays the landlord.
  • The original tenant must still perform its obligations under the head lease.
  • The original tenant ass.....