Download these easy-to-use standard Oklahoma Mortgage Forms and simplify the process.

The Oklahoma Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act governs licensing and compliance of brokers, lenders and loan originators in the State. All licensing is done through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System.

Mortgage brokers are responsible for ensuring that all loan originators they work with hold a valid license. Mortgage loan originators include any person who is paid for taking an application for, or negotiating or changing the terms of, a residential mortgage loan.

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Oklahoma Contract for Deed

When credit is tight, it can be tough to qualify for a home loan. If you're trying to sell your home in that market, you'll find the pool of available buyers much smaller. That's when you need this Oklahoma Contract for Deed.

  • A contract for deed allows a buyer to pay over time, with the seller carrying the balance until the last payment is made.
  • The buyer can take possession and live in the home but doesn't own it. Once the price is paid in full, including any agree.....

Oklahoma Mortgage

Place a mortgage on a residential property with this Oklahoma fixed rate mortgage form.

  • The mortgage form contains both uniform (multistate) covenants and non-uniform covenants for foreclosure, discharge of the mortgage when paid in full, and a waiver of homestead exemption pursuant to Oklahoma law.
  • The mortgage secures the lender's position in connection with a loan and a promissory note signed by the borrower.
  • This is a downloadable and fully editable lega.....