Prepare the paperwork for a new home loan with these fully editable Kansas Mortgage Forms. These are downloadable templates that can be used over and over.

  • The State Bank Commissioner of Kansas regulates banks, trust companies, mortgage companies and other financial service businesses throughout the State.
  • Mortgage lending is governed by the Kansas Mortgage Business Act statutes and regulations, the Contracts and Promises Statutes, and the Consumer Credit Code.
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Kansas Contract for Deed

Skip the mortgage broker and offer to assist the buyer of your home by carrying the purchase price under this Kansas Contract for Deed.

  • A Contract for Deed (also called an installment sale contract or purchase money mortgage) allows the purchaser to make regular payments to the seller in much the same way as a regular mortgage.
  • The difference between an installment sale contract and a mortgage is that the seller retains ownership of the property until t.....

Kansas Fixed Rate Mortgage

Kansas mortgage lenders can easily prepare a fixed rate mortgage on a residential property with this downloadable digital template.

  • The mortgage form contains all the uniform covenants required by U.S. federal laws.
  • The template also includes State-specific provisions for acceleration on default, release of the mortgaged premises when the debt is satisfied, and waiver of redemption.
  • The mortgage is collateral security to a home loan agreement and promissory .....