Rent, lease and manage business premises in India with these fully editable template forms.

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India Deed of Lease for Commercial Property in Mumbai

Draw up a Deed of Lease for a commercial business premises in Mumbai, India, with this contract template.

  • Deposit. The tenant must pay an interest-free refundable security deposit prior to taking possession of the premises.
  • Utilities and Services. The landlord will provide utilities, air conditioning, parking, elevators, fire system, and a diesel generating set as a backup power source.
  • Operating Expenses. Operating expenses and maintena.....

India Deed of Sublease

Sublet all or part of a commercial business premises in India with this Deed of Sublease.

  • Taxes and Charges. The sublessee agrees to pay all taxes, levies and charges payable on the subleased premises proportionate to the area that the subleased premises bear in relation to the total of the leased premises.
  • Indemnification. The sublessee agrees to indemnify the sublessor against any loss or costs suffered as a result of the sublessee's breach of Indian l.....

India Leave and Licence Agreement for Business Premises

License part of your business premises to another business with this India Leave and Licence Agreement.

  • Allotted Space. The licensee will occupy a specified portion of the square footage of the shop to carry on its business.
  • Security Deposit. The licensee will pay an interest-free security deposit, which will be refunded at the end of the licence period, less any amounts owing to the licensor.
  • Usage Fee and Charges. The licensee will pay.....