Get convenient downloadable Mortgage Forms for property in the State of Minnesota.

  • Minnesota uses the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). All mortgage loan originators, residential mortgage originators, and residential mortgage servicers must be licensed.
  • Banks and credit unions that are subject to federal regulations do not need licenses.
  • Applicants do not need to have an office in Minnesota in order to provide mortgage or credit facilities within Minnesota.
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Minnesota Contract for Deed

Sell a real estate property to a buyer over time under the terms of this Minnesota Contract for Deed.

  • Under the terms of this Contract (also known as a land contract), the seller in essence becomes the mortgage lender by allowing the purchaser to pay off the purchase price over time.
  • Once the purchaser has paid all of the remaining balance, plus interest, the seller will transfer ownership of the property to the purchaser.
  • If the purchaser fails to ma.....

Minnesota Residential Mortgage

Register this Minnesota Residential Mortgage against a real estate property as security from the homeowner for a home equity loan.

  • The mortgage form contains the standard uniform covenants under federal mortgage lending regulations.
  • It also contains additional provisions required under Minnesota law, such as acceleration and sale clauses and waiver of homestead exemption to ensure that the borrower cannot protect the property against sale by the lender if the borrower.....