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    Security Services

    Does your company supply security guards, alarms or security systems? Download these customizable service contracts and employment agreements specifically for security firms.

    When the economy goes into decline, the crime rate generally increases, and so too does the need for home and business security services. If you have ever considered starting up a security company, this is a good time to do it.

    You and your employees will be required to undergo extensive background checks, and you will have to obtain the required licenses, permits, insurance, firearms and other training and certification. These requirements are different for each state, province, territory and country - so do your homework. Contact the appropriate government authorities at the federal, state/province and local level to make sure that you fully understand all of the legal requirements.

    In addition, talk to other security companies and to your local police officers. A significant percentage of security officers are police officers working second jobs. The cops you talk to may be able to give you more insight and information that will be helpful to you going forward.

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