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    Security Guard Employment Contract


    Hire full-time or part-time security guards for your security company with this easy-to-use Employment Contract template.

    This customizable sample contract includes standard provisions and terms that relate to the provision of onsite security personnel services, including:

    • A list of the types of training and equipment that the security company will provide to its employees.

    • A sample set of Rules and Regulations which all security personnel must follow while on the job.

    • Assignments are made based on the volume of available clients. The security company does not guarantee its guards any assignments.

    • The employees must comply with strict confidentiality provisions with respect to the company's confidential information and that of any client to which they are assigned.

    This Employment Contract for Security Guards is easy to customize for your business. Buy the form, download it, and start using it today to hire your personnel.

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    Last Updated: 17-September-2017
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