Document your financial transactions with these downloadable legal forms for buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers.

  • Find templates by country, or generic forms that can be used in many areas.
  • Contracts, agreements and security documents for lending, borrowing and collecting money.
  • Documents and information to help you manage debt and accounts receivable.
  • Protect your assets and lower your taxes with effective tax planning strategies.

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Acknowledgement by Investor of No Advice Given

Prepare an Acknowledgement to be signed by an investor to acknowledge that no advice has been given to the investor with respect to an investment.

This is a generic form which can be used anywhere. Click the Download button to download a copy of the form, or copy and paste the text below.


The undersigned hereby acknowledges that:
  1. The undersigned has not received or relied upon any legal, financial,.....

Agreement to Compromise Debt

If a customer owes you money and you're willing to accept payment of a reduced amount in order to settle the debt, draw up an Agreement to Compromise Debt to set the terms.

  • The creditor agrees to accept the reduced sum as payment in full, provided that the total amount is paid within a specified time.
  • If the debtor fails to make the payments on time, the creditor has the right to start legal proceedings against the debtor for the full amount of the debt.
  • T.....

Agreement to Extend Time for Debt Repayment

Creditors, you can extend the amount of time in which a borrower pays back their indebtedness with this Agreement to Extend Time for Debt Repayment.

  • The repayment period is extended to give the borrower more time, provided that all payments are made on time.
  • If the borrower fails to make a payment when it comes due, the creditor will have the right to sue for the full amount.
  • This is a generic legal form which is not specific to any country, state or provinc.....

Alabama Contract for Deed

This Alabama Contract for Deed allows the seller to assist the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price. In effect, the seller becomes the mortgage lender for the balance of the purchase money.

  • Title will transfer to the buyer once the seller has received payment in full of the principal and interest.
  • The seller has the right to take back the property if the buyer defaults in payment.
  • At the seller's option, the balance can be repaid by monthly p.....

Alabama Mortgage

Alabama mortgage lenders can use this comprehensive template to prepare a mortgage to secure a loan for purchasing a property.

  • Uniform Covenants: mortgage payments, taxes and insurance, prior charges on the land, hazard insurance, occupancy as principal residence, care and maintenance of the property, protection of the lender's security, etc.
  • False Information. If the borrower gave any false or misleading information on the loan application, the borrower.....

Alaska Contract for Deed

If you are selling a real estate property in Alaska, you can help out the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price with this Contract for Deed (or purchase money mortgage).

  • Under the terms of this Contract, the seller takes on the role that would usually be filled by the mortgage lender.
  • The seller retains title to the property until all of the purchase price and accrued interest is paid off, at which point the title is transferred to the buyer.
  • .....

Alaska Deed of Trust

Alaska is a deed of trust state, and mortgage lenders use this Deed of Trust instead of a mortgage to secure home purchase loans.

  • The Deed of Trust conveys title to the property to a third party trustee (often a title company), and not to the borrower.
  • The trustee holds the title as security for the loan, to make sure that the borrower makes payments on time and performs its other obligations under the loan agreement and Note.
  • If the borrower defaults.....

Alaska Fixed Rate Mortgage Note

This template fixed rate Mortgage Note for Alaska is easy to use and understand.

  • The borrower will make regular monthly payments to the lender until the maturity date, at which time the balance of the loan will be payable.
  • The borrower can prepay some or all of the principal at any time without paying a penalty or prepayment fee. The borrower cannot make a prepayment if any regular payments are outstanding.
  • The lender can sue the borrower and obtain a person.....

Alberta Affidavit of Value

Prepare an Affidavit of Value for an Alberta foreclosure action with this free form.

  • The person swearing the Affidavit attests to the value of a property which is the subject of a foreclosure action.
  • The affidavit must be sworn by the plaintiff or an officer of the plaintiff, as transferee, and filed with the Land Titles Office.
  • This form is part of the documentation required to transfer the land once a foreclosure order has been obtained through Court of Qu.....

Alberta Agency and Trustee Agreement

Retain a sales agent and a trustee in connection with a public offering of shares under a prospectus with this Agency and Trustee Agreement for Alberta issuers.

  • The issuer (offering corporation) retains the Agent to sell the securities on a 'best efforts' basis.
  • The Trustee will hold all subscription funds on behalf of the issuer.
  • The Agent may enter into arrangements with other investment dealers registered to sell securities in Alberta, at no additional c.....