Download these Ontario Condominium Forms if you plan to sell or rent out your condo unit or if you manage condominium property in the province.

  • These re-usable legal forms comply with the Ontario Condominium Act.
  • Save money on legal fees by preparing your own documentation using these ready-made templates.
  • Forms for owners, lessors, property managers and condominium corporations.
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Ontario Certificate re Condominium Bylaw

This free Form 11 Certificate is made by a condo corporation under the Ontario Condominium Act 1998.

  • The form must be completed and filed with an attached copy of the condominium corporation's bylaw.
  • An officer of the corporation certifies that the bylaw complies with the Condominium Act and has been accepted by a majority of the unit owners.

Download the free Certificate form for your condominium and submit it with your bylaw.


Ontario Condominium Alteration Agreement

Get the approval of your condo corporation before doing renovations to your unit with this Ontario Condominium Alteration and Indemnification Agreement.

  • The condominium corporation must approve any renovations that might affect the common elements of the building.
  • In order to get the corporation to approve the renovations, the unit owner indemnifies the corporation and assumes all liability for any damages resulting from the renovations.
  • The renovations must.....

Ontario Condominium Resale Agreement

Sell a previously owned condo unit in Ontario with this Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Condominium - Resale.

  • This Purchase and Sale Agreement is intended for transactions where neither party is using a realtor, which is called a 'for sale by owner' (or FSBO) transaction.
  • It should be used only for an existing condo unit, not for a new condominium, where the units would be sold by the developer.
  • This is not the OREA standard form of contract. OREA contract.....

Ontario Condominium Tenancy Agreement

Do you own a condo in Ontario that you want to rent to a tenant? Use this Condominium Tenancy Agreement to set the terms and conditions of the rental.

  • The Tenancy Agreement can be used for either a periodic tenancy (for instance, month to month) or for a fixed term (such as 1 year).
  • The tenancy is governed by the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act, the Condominium Act, and the Declaration, Bylaws and rules of the condominium corporation.
  • In the event of a con.....

Ontario Notice of Lien to Condominium Owner

Give notice to a condominium owner that a lien is claimed against their unit for unpaid charges with this Form 14, Notice of Lien to Owner, under the Ontario Condominium Act 1998.

  • The Notice must be served on the unit owner in accordance with subsection 85(4) of the Act.
  • The condo corporation claims a lien for all unpaid common expenses, plus the costs of collection.
  • The lien may be enforced against the owner in the same manner as a mortgage.
  • This .....