Music Contracts

Prepare your own music industry contracts with these easy customizable template legal agreements.

  • Affordable, customizable, hassle-free blank legal forms which can be reused as often as you require.
  • Contracts and agreements for record companies, musicians, publishers, booking agents and publicists.
  • Generic and country-specific forms for the United States and Canada.
  • Save time and money on costly legal fees with forms supplied by entertainment industry lawyers.

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Acknowledgement of Debt Obligation for Studio Fees

Do you allow musical artists to use your recording studio on a pay-later basis? Be sure you get paid with this Acknowledgement of Debt Obligation for Recording form.

  • The Acknowledgement can cover all or part of the costs, including studio time, engineer, producer, session musicians, and CD mastering.
  • The artist acknowledges the outstanding amounts still owing to various parties involved in making the recording, and agrees to pay all the outstanding amounts prior to re.....

Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music

Obtain the rights to a musical composition from the composer with this Acquisition Agreement for Limited Rights in Music template.

  • The composer was contracted on a work-for-hire basis to write the composition.
  • The composer assigns all of his/her rights and title to the musical composition to the client.
  • The client has the sole right to copyright the work.
  • The client grants performance rights for the composition back to the composer.

Assignment (Reversion) of Copyright to Songwriter

Assign copyright of a musical composition back to the songwriter under a reversion clause with this Assignment of Copyright form.

  • Some songwriter contracts contain a reversion provision, which gives the songwriter the right to repurchase copyright to one or more songs or compositions for a specified sum after a certain length of time or on certain conditions.
  • If that happens, the music publisher must reassign the copyright back to the songwriter.
  • This is a d.....

Assignment of Copyright between Music Publishers

Assign copyright in a musical composition from one publisher to another with this easy Assignment of Copyright form.

  • The assignment is made at the request of the original songwriter, who has consented to the transfer of rights.
  • This is a generic assignment form which can be used in any country that does not have a statutory form.
  • Downloadable reusable template.

Every music publisher needs a full set of assignment forms. Add the Assi.....


Booking Agreement with Nightclub

Whether you're a booking agent or a band leader who books your own gigs, you can use this downloadable Booking Agreement to book a club engagement for a band or musical artist.

The nightclub contracts for the services of a band, singing act, or musician for a specific period of time (a week, a month, etc) or for a specified number of performances. Provisions of the Agreement include:
  • what happens if the nightclub defaults in its obligations;
  • time and length of the.....

Canada Assignment of Copyright in Musical Composition

Canadian music publishers, obtain copyright in a composition written on a for-hire basis with this Assignment of Copyright form.

  • The composer assigns worldwide copyright in the work over to the publisher.
  • The assignment form contains a waiver of moral rights clause, which can be deleted if not applicable.
  • The songwriter is still entitled to performance royalties as a member of any performing rights society.

Every music publisher in .....


Canada Musical Artist Management Agreement

If you manage bands and/or musicians in Canada you need to download this Musical Artist Management Agreement template.

  • As the artist's manager you will not only represent the artist, you will also offer advice, guidance, business expertise, and promotional services.
  • Your job is to supervise and guide the artist's career and professional development.
  • In return for management services, you receive a percentage of the artist's gross earnings.
  • You w.....

Exclusive Songwriting Contract

Music publishers need a sizable catalog of music. Expand yours by hiring a songwriter under this Exclusive Songwriting Contract to write new compositions for you to publish.

  • The songwriter transfers to the publisher all rights to the compositions written during the term of the contract, in return for weekly advances and royalties on sales.
  • The publisher will have exclusive access to the songwriter's services during the contract period.
  • The publisher has th.....

Live Concert Performance Contract Rider

Write up a Live Concert Performance Contract Rider for a contract between a band or musical artist and a concert presenter with this downloadable template.

The rider covers:
  • the technical requirements (sound, lights, staging, etc.) for the show,
  • any other performance requirements that the musical artist has, and
  • the artist's obligations to the concert presenter.
This Live Concert Performance Contract Rider form is fully editable .....

Master Recording License for Use in TV Broadcast or Video

License a master for use in a television broadcast or video with this Master Recording License.

  • The composer of the music grants the producer of a television program a license to use the master recording in one or more episodes of the TV program, and in videos or other reproductions of the program.
  • The license is a nonexclusive worldwide license to distribute a certain number of video and DVD recordings of the program.
  • The producer can extend its distributi.....