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    South Dakota

    South Dakota contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can download the lien forms they need for all the construction projects to which they supply labor, materials or equipment.

    Who is eligible to file a lien under South Dakota's laws?

    Any party that supplies skill, labor, services, equipment, or materials for the improvement of real property is entitled to a mechanic's lien. A prime contractor must be directly contracted with the owner to claim a lien on the owner's property.

    What is the deadline for filing a lien statement in South Dakota?

    Lien claimants have 120 consecutive calendar days after the last date on which labor and/or materials were furnished to the project. This date would not typically include service calls, warranty work, or replacement items. It would be the day on which the last day of supply of the labor or materials necessary to fulfill the requirements of the contract.

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