Buy or sell a USA business with these comprehensive template legal forms, contracts and related documents.

  • The templates are customizable to fit your unique needs.
  • Some agreements are State-specific to comply with individual state corporate and tax laws.
  • Buy, download, enter your transaction details, print.
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Arizona RV Park Purchase and Sale Agreement

Buy an RV park in Arizona with this comprehensive Purchase and Sale Agreement template.

  • The property being sold includes the land on which the park is located, all personal property belonging to the business, leases and intangibles, the business name, licenses and permits, and all documentation connected with the development and operation of the RV park.
  • The buyer will have a specified time period during which to inspect the site and perform its due diligence. The sal.....

California Purchase Agreement for Business Assets

You can write your own Offer to Purchase ⁄ Purchase Agreement for Business Assets with this professional template for California businesses.

  • The offer is for the assets, equipment, fixtures, leasehold interests, contract rights, records, franchises, etc. of the business, but NOT the receivables, bank accounts, or cash on hand.
  • Part of the purchase price will be paid by way of the purchaser's assumption of business debt and partly by a non-negotiable note with rig.....

California Purchase and Sale Agreement for Business Property

Draw up a Purchase and Sale Agreement for a business in California, including the land and premises, with this customizable template.

  • The sale includes the land, building(s), improvements, chattels, equipment, vehicles, inventory and other assets of the business.
  • The purchaser agrees to assume an existing business loan secured by the real property. The balance of the loan will be set off against the purchase price.
  • The seller will provide a standard CLTA tit.....

Illinois Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement

Transfer your business assets to a purchaser with this Illinois Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  • The buyer assumes the liabilities of the business.
  • The template includes a payment schedule setting out the dates on which the buyer must make payments against the purchase price.
  • The seller agrees not to compete with the business for a specified period of time.
  • Procedure for payment of sales taxes and recording fees with respect to the transaction.

Tennessee Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement

Sell your business and transfer ownership of the business assets to a buyer under the terms of this Tennessee Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  • The buyer agrees to purchase all inventory, equipment, supplies, improvements, fixtures, goodwill, accounts receivable, tangible and intangible assets of the business.
  • The buyer will assume certain liabilities and indemnifies the seller against claims relating to those liabilities. The seller indemnifies the buyer with respe.....

USA Affidavit of Purchaser of Business Assets

When buying a business in the United States, you will be required to provide this USA Affidavit of Purchaser to the seller.

  • The buyer confirms that it will take over the seller's lease on the business premises (if applicable), that it has inspected all equipment and has a complete list of all inventory and assets being purchased.
  • The buyer waives compliance with State bulk sales law and will rely on the rights of set-off and indemnification in the purchase and sale do.....

USA Affidavit of Seller of Business Assets

When you sell a business in the United States, you may be required to provide this Affidavit of Seller in accordance with bulk sales act legislation.

The seller confirms that:
  • the seller has the right to sell the business, assets, inventory, goodwill and equipment of the business,
  • no taxes are owing with respect to the business being sold,
  • no litigation is pending, and
  • the seller has not done anything which would give rise to a claim against any .....

USA Asset Purchase Agreement

This standard form USA Asset Purchase Agreement includes a set of schedules and documentation you need to transfer the assets of the business from the seller to the buyer. The package contains:

  1. Asset Purchase Agreement setting out the terms and conditions of the purchase and sale;
  2. Schedule of Definitions used in the Agreement;
  3. Representations and warranties of the seller regarding the corporate status of the business, contractual obligations, taxes, financ.....

USA Letter of Intent to Purchase Business Assets

You're in the process of negotiating the purchase of a business. It's in your best interests to put the understanding in writing with this USA Letter of Intent to Purchase Business Assets.

  • The LOI template can be used anywhere in the United States.
  • The assets being purchased include intellectual property, tangible property, know-how and goodwill.
  • The template includes a section for purchase price adjustments for such items as uncollected receivables and inve.....

USA No-Shop Agreement

Whether you're buying or selling a business, make sure the other party continues the negotiations by getting this USA No-Shop Agreement signed at the outset.

  • This agreement can be used anywhere in the United States.
  • The parties to the transaction agree that they will not consider other offers or approach other potential purchasers while the negotiations between them are ongoing.
  • The template can be used by business brokers and by buyers or sellers in non-bro.....