Loan Transaction Forms

Before you lend money, secure the loan and make sure you get repaid with these loan agreements and supporting documents.

  • Download the templates, fill them in and have them signed before you advance the loan funds.
  • Some forms are country-specific and comply with applicable national, state and provincial legislation. Other forms are generic and can be used in most jurisdictions.
  • If you're lending money to a small business, it is also advisable to obtain Personal Guarantees from the business owners.
  • Also check out our selection of Promissory Notes.

Quite often people who cannot get a loan from the usual sources (such as a bank) turn to family members or close friends to help them out. And you will probably feel a personal obligation to help out. If you offer to draw up a loan agreement or a promissory note, the borrower may feel offended that you don't trust them, that their word isn't good enough for you. This then adds a good measure of guilt to the feeling of obligation. Do not let your personal feelings sway your judgment. There's a reason why a bank won't lend them the money, and for that same reason you shouldn't lend them the money either - unless they agree to put it in writing.

Set the interest rate at a reasonable level. Check with your bank to see what its prime lending rate is, and add another percentage point. That's as good a rate as the borrower could expect to get on a line of credit. Make sure the regular payments are high enough to pay off the debt within a reasonable time period, but not so high as to be difficult to maintain. And get some collateral security, such as a mortgage, or a pledge of vehicles or other assets which can be sold if the borrower defaults.

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Assignment of Loan Contracts

Assign various loan documents from one lender to another with this Specific Assignment and Transfer of Loan Contracts.

  • The assignee assumes the original lender's rights under the contracts.
  • The assignee has no liability with respect to the assigned rights and no obligation to perform the lender's obligations.
  • The document includes a Notice of Assignment form that must be sent to each borrower and to any other party that has an interest in the cont.....
$12.49 $6.99

British Columbia Purchase Money Security Agreement

When you sell inventory on credit to a distributor, make sure you protect your security interest in those goods until you're paid in full under this Purchase Money Security Agreement for BC.

  • The contract attaches a purchase money security interest (PMSI) to the goods being sold, which then become collateral under the Agreement.
  • The supplier (secured party) extends credit to the customer (debtor) for the purchase of the inventory, and the debtor agrees to pay the purch.....

Canada Accounts Receivable Security Agreement

Document your security interest in a borrower's property with this Accounts Receivable Security Agreement template for Canadian lenders.

  • The Agreement is part of the documentation that the borrower must provide to the lender, to secure a loan or line of credit.
  • The Agreement grants the lender a security interest in all of the borrower's present and future personal property including inventory, equipment, accounts receivable and book debts.
  • The form can be us.....

Canada Assignment of Rents

Canadian lenders, secure the repayment of a mortgage loan by having the borrower execute this Assignment of Rents Agreement.

  • The borrower assigns to the lender all rent revenues from tenants in the property being mortgaged.
  • The assignment is given as security for repayment of the mortgage and performance of the borrower's obligations to the lender.
  • The rentals continue to be paid to the borrower / assignor until such time as the lender / assignee gives a dem.....

Canada Business Loan Application

Use this customizable Business Loan Application for clients that are applying for loan funding for an existing or start-up business in Canada.The applicant must provide information about:

  • the corporate structure and history of the business;
  • the guarantors of the loan;
  • the purpose of the loan and terms of repayment;
  • what is being used as collateral;
  • the financial status of borrower, assets, income, debts and liabilities, including copies o.....

Canada Demand for Satisfaction from Proceeds of Sale

Recoup money owed to you by a debtor from a sale of assets by serving this Canada Demand for Satisfaction from Proceeds of Sale on the party selling the collateral.

  • The demand is given by a secured party to another secured party who is undertaking a sale of a debtor's assets.
  • The party making the demand has no security interest in the items being sold, but is owed money under a loan agreement, mortgage, etc. by the debtor whose assets are being sold.
  • This le.....

Canada General Assignment of Rents and Leases

Canadian lenders, obtain an assignment of a borrower's rental and lease income with this downloadable template.

  • The borrower assigns to the lender the amount of all rents due from tenants in a property owned by the borrower.
  • The assignment is given as security for a mortgage loan or other monies being advanced to the borrower by the lender.
  • The tenants will continue to pay the rent to the borrower unless and until the lender gives a written demand for it. Th.....

Canada General Security Agreement

Secure a loan or line of credit with this General Security Agreement for Canadian lenders.

  • The borrower grants the lender a security interest in all of the borrower's personal property (inventory, equipment, accounts and book debts), and all income and proceeds from that personal property.
  • The General Security Agreement secures payment and performance of all of the borrower's present and future indebtedness to the lender, including the lender's costs of enforcing the .....

Canada Inventory Security Agreement

Extend credit to your customers and secure payment of your accounts with this customizable Inventory Security Agreement for Canadian suppliers.

  • The Agreement covers the customer's purchase of inventory, parts and accessories from the supplier.
  • The supplier is given a security interest over all of the customer's present and future inventory, accounts, assets and property.
  • Title to all inventory supplied remains with the supplier until the customer has paid .....

Canada Loan and Charging Agreement

Canadian lenders can use this downloadable Loan and Charging Agreement to prepare loan documents for a borrower.

  • The template includes both the Loan Agreement and a promissory note for the principal amount of the loan plus interest.
  • The borrower agrees to register an encumbrance against title to real estate owned by the borrower, as collateral security for the loan.
  • If the borrower defaults in repaying the loan, title to the property will be transferred to t.....