Manage rentals in a community hall, convention center, farmer's market, campground, or other public use facility with these USA Facility Rental Contracts.

  • These downloadable legal forms are easy-to-use templates for facilitiesfor renting the space to groups for functions and events.
  • Each contract form can be customized to fit your exact circumstances.
  • The forms include application forms for booking the space and a set of rules and regulations that renters must comply with.
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Florida RV / Camping Site Rental Agreement

This RV / Camping Site Rental Agreement is a digital template for Florida campground operators to rent out their campsites and RV parking spaces.

  • The campground operator may relocate the lessee to another space, or may demand that they vacate the park, if required.
  • The lessee shall be responsible for all damage caused to the camping site by the lessee's family, guests, pets, etc.
  • Optional clauses to restrict pets onsite.
  • The lessee agrees t.....

USA City Park Facility Rental Agreement

Do you manage a municipal park area in the United States which rents its facilities to the public for private functions? Write up your rental contracts with this ready-made template City Park Facility Rental Agreement.
  • The rental is for a specified area of the park only.
  • The renter is responsible for clean-up and trash removal.
  • Restrictions on use of nails, tacks, staples, spikes, etc. to secure tablecloths to picnic tables.
  • No posts or stake.....

USA Club House Rental Agreement

Rent all or part of a club house to a club member for a private function with this Club House Rental Agreement for the USA.
  • The renter can also rent such optional items as barbecue pits, grills, kitchen, outbuildings, picnic tables, fire pits, etc.
  • Procedure for key pick-up and drop-off.
  • Clean-up and trash removal.
  • Restrictions on use of nails, tacks, staples, spikes, and other items which may damage surfaces when decorating.
  • Proced.....

USA Community Center Rental Agreement

Rent out areas in a community center in the USA for a social function or special event with this Community Center Rental Agreement.
  • Rental fees must be paid in full prior to the event. A refundable security deposit is also required.
  • The renter is responsible for securing the building and for making sure that all attendees follow the rules.
  • The renter is responsible for clean-up and garbage removal.
  • Provisions for cancellation or rescheduling the ev.....

USA Community Center Rental Rates and Use Policies

Do you manage a community center in the USA? Use this handy template to draw up your list of Rental Rates & Use Policies to apply to all rentals of the facility for weddings, dances, meetings and other functions.

The Use Policies cover such topics as:
  • reservation fees,
  • cancellations,
  • cleaning,
  • damage and security deposits,
  • trash and recycling,
  • obtaining required permits,
  • safety,
  • nois.....

USA Community Center Table Rental Agreement

Rent out tables in a community center in the United States with this USA Community Center Table Rental Agreement.
  • This form can be used to rent tables to organizations for flea markets, craft shows, banquets, etc. that are not being held in the community center.
  • The renter agrees to pay the rental fees at the time the tables are picked up.
  • If the tables are not returned on time, a late return fee will be charged.
  • The renter agrees to reimburse the .....

USA Conference Room Rental Agreement

Lease conference or meeting room space to businesses and organizations with this USA Conference Room Rental Agreement template.

The Agreement contains provisions for:
  • Payment of rental fees and damage deposit.
  • Conference room layout and equipment requirements.
  • Food and beverage services to be arranged by the renter.
  • The renter is responsible for obtaining a liquor license (if applicable).
  • The renter is responsible for obtaining adequate .....

USA Exhibit Space Rental Agreement

Rent booths and vendor spaces at a crafts show, arts fair, trade show or other exhibition with this USA Exhibit Space Rental Agreement.

The Agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the rental, including:
  • payment of rental fees for space and additional items;
  • technical requirements for lighting, power, etc.;
  • policies governing cancellation and changes to the reservation;
  • restrictions on signs and advertising;
  • liability of exhib.....

USA License for Use of Public Facility

Rent space in a public facility in the United States on a monthly or weekly basis with this USA License for Use Agreement.

  • The License for Use can be used for space in a town hall, community center or similar type of public building.
  • This form of rental agreement is ideal for a tenant who wants to use the venue on an ongoing basis, such as for regular meetings, weekly or monthly social gatherings, etc.
  • The License includes an option for storage space, so an .....

USA Market Vendor Occupancy License

Rent out booths, stalls and display space in a market (flea market, farmer's market, etc.) with this template USA Market Vendor Occupancy License.

Provisions of the Occupancy License cover:
  • hours and days of operation,
  • rental rates,
  • method of payment,
  • the vendor's responsibility to carry proper insurance on its goods,
  • rules and regulations of the market,
  • the vendor indemnifies the market against claims or damages.
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