Downloadable Wisconsin mortgage forms, customizable and easy to use. Buy, download, complete the documents, print them for signature.

  • The State Department of Financial Institutions Mortgage Banking Division regulates and oversees all mortgage bankers, brokers and loan originators operating in Wisconsin.
  • Mortgage licensing is done through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).
  • Anyone who originates, sells, services, finds, or negotiates a residential mortgage loan must be licensed.
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Wisconsin Contract for Deed

If you are selling a real estate property in Wisconsin, you can assist the buyer by carrying part or all of the purchase price with this Contract for Deed (or purchase money mortgage).
  • Under the terms of this Contract, the seller effectively becomes the mortgage lender for the balance of the purchase money.
  • Title will transfer to the buyer once payment in full of all principal and interest has been received by the seller.
  • The seller has the right to.....

Wisconsin Fixed Rate Mortgage Note

Wisconsin mortgage lenders can prepare a promissory note for a mortgagor to sign with this template Fixed Rate Mortgage Note.

  • The borrower will repay the loan by making monthly payments against the principal balance, plus accrued interest.
  • If on the maturity date there is still a balance outstanding, the borrower will pay the entire balance at that time.
  • The note holder has the right to accelerate the loan if the borrower defaults in making payments, and the.....

Wisconsin Mortgage

Register a mortgage on title to a property in Wisconsin with this standard fixed rate Wisconsin Mortgage.

  • The mortgage is given as security for a promissory note signed by the purchaser / borrower.
  • The template contains the standard provisions required under federal mortgage regulations.
  • It also includes provisions required by Wisconsin laws with respect to accelerated redemption periods, and a definition of attorneys' fees consistent with Chapter 428 of the.....