Let, lease and manage business and retail premises in New Zealand with these easy template forms for commercial tenancies.

  • Downloadable templates for office and retail spaces.
  • Customisable standardised forms for landlords and letting managers.
  • Buy once, use as often as you need. No additional charges or licence fees.
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New Zealand Deed of Lease for Commercial Property

NZ landlords, lease office or retail space to a business tenant with this template New Zealand Deed of Lease for Commercial Property.

  • Expiry.The Deed of Lease includes a right to renew, but if the tenant does not renew the lease and continues to occupy the space after the expiry of the tenancy, the lease becomes month to month.
  • Rent Review. The document sets out a mechanism for current market rent reviews.
  • Outgoings and GST. The tenant i.....

New Zealand Licence to Occupy

License office, storage, or meeting space in a shared facility to a business or organisation with this New Zealand Licence to Occupy template.

  • The relationship between the parties is that of licensor and licensee, rather than landlord and tenant.
  • The licensee has no right of renewal. When the current term expires, if the parties wish to continue the occupancy, a new Licence to Occupy must be signed.
  • The licensee is responsible for paying outgoings for the pr.....

New Zealand Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease

NZ business landlords, cancel a tenant's lease of office or retail space with this New Zealand Mutual Cancellation of Lease with this easy-to-use template.

  • This agreement is only for business tenancies. You will need to use a different form for residential tenants.
    • The Cancellation of Lease form is used to terminate a commercial business lease and extinguish all rights and obligations of the parties except f.....

New Zealand Notice to Tenants of Assignment of Commercial Lease

Let your business tenants know that their leases have been transferred to a new owner of the building with this New Zealand Notice to Tenants of Assignment of Commercial Lease.

  • The landlord of the building must give notice to all the leasehold tenants following the sale of the premises.
  • The Notice also instructs the tenants that rent is now to be paid to the new landlord.
  • This form can be saved as a template and re-used as often as you require.

New Zealand Surrender of Commercial Lease

Prepare a Surrender of Commercial Lease between a landlord and tenant with this template form for New Zealand business or retail leases.

  • The parties agree that the tenant will surrender the premises and the lease will be cancelled and terminated.
  • The tenant will pay the landlord an agreed sum to terminate, and will forfeit all security ⁄ damage deposits.
  • Both the landlord and tenant agree to honor their obligations under the lease until the effective da.....