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    Transfer title to residential and commercial real estate properties in Hawaii with these easy-to-use template Real Estate Deed Forms.

    • If you're buying a home in Hawaii for the first time, you will need to use a local Hawaii-based company for underwriting and valuation.
    • Hawaii is a "Good Funds" State, meaning that the funds have to be in the title company's hands before closing can occur. Because not all banks have locations on all the islands, funding may be delayed if the money is being wired from the mainland.
    • Be prepared to look for awhile before you find something that fits your needs, wants and price point. There are a limited number of properties on the market at any given time.
    • If the property you want is near an active lava zone, you may find it difficult to obtain funding.
    • Indoor living spaces are typically smaller than on the mainland, as Hawaiians do much of their living outdoors and indoor spaces are very expensive to keep cool.
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