Set up a partnership or joint venture to do business in India with these template agreements and forms. Fully editable and easy to customise to meet your business needs.

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India Joint Venture Agreement with Foreign Company

Set up a joint venture between an Indian company and a foreign business entity with this template India Joint Venture Agreement with Foreign Company.

  • Purpose of Agreement. A collaboration of this type allows more businesses to expand into markets they otherwise might not have access to.
  • Registration of Company. The co-venturers will register a separate joint venture company to carry on the business of the joint venture.
  • Management. The c.....

India Partnership Deed

Establish the terms of a partnership in India with this ready-made Partnership Deed template.

  • Management. One of the partners will be the managing partner and will conduct the partnership's affairs.
  • Capital Contributions. The partners will contribute additional funds to their respective capital accounts as required by the partnership business.
  • Interest. Interest will be paid on the capital and/or loan accounts of the partners. If a partn.....

India Partnership Dissolution Deed

Dissolve a partnership in India with this fully editable Partnership Dissolution Deed form.

  • The partners warrant to each other that they have not collected any money or discharged any claim or debt due to the partnership.
  • The partners warrant that they have not incurred any obligation which will affect the partnership, other than those already recorded on the books.
  • Each partner releases the other partners from any claims or proceedings in respect of partner.....

India Partnership Retirement Deed

Facilitate the exit of a retiring partner and deal with their partnership interest with this Deed of Retirement for an Indian partnership.

  • The retiring partner relinquishes all right and interest in and to the partnership business and assets, and will not share in the profits of the business after the date of retirement.
  • The retiring partner will have no liability for partnership debts, taxes or other amounts relating to the business after the date of retirement.

India Property Release Deed by Partner

Release and transfer a retiring partner's interest in an Indian partnership to a remaining partner with this Property Release Deed by Partner.

The retiring partner releases all of his interest in the partnership property to the remaining partner and renounces all claims he may have against any of the property, whether movable or immovable.

This India Property Release Deed by Partner form is available as a downloadable MS Word file which is fully editable to fit yo.....