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    Farm Land Leases

    Lease farm land to a tenant, grant third parties access over your land, and manage the use of rural land with these Farm Land Leases and Contracts.

    More and more farms that were once traditional family farms are now being leased and run by tenant operators. There are several different types of farm leases, the most common ones being cash rent, crop share and custom farming contracts.

    • A cash rent lease can be either fixed or flexible. Rent is paid in cash payments.
    • Under a crop share lease, the farm owner receives a share of the crop instead of a cash rent payment.
    • In a custom farming arrangement, the land owner receives the crop and pays the operator a fixed amount for performing all the services and providing the labor and equipment required.

    Farm land can also be leased for operations other than traditional agricultural purposes, such as wind farms, sports fields, campgrounds, and recreational use.

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