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    COVID Release of Liability for Business | Canada


    If you provide close contact services such as fitness classes or salon services, have your customers sign this COVID Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims form for Canadian businesses.

    • The customer acknowledges they are aware of the risk of exposure or contracting the disease by being on the premises and receiving the services and that they are entering the premises voluntarily.
    • The customer releases and holds the business and its employees, directors, affiliates, and related parties harmless from any claims or damages resulting from injury, illness, disability, death or property damage.
    • The customer agrees to comply with all federal, provincial and local public health laws, orders and guidelines related to COVID-19.
    • This is a Canadian legal template which can be used in any province or territory, except for Quebec where a French-language version may be required in order to comply with provincial laws.
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    Last Updated: 17-January-2024
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