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    Waiver and Release for Fitness Program | Canada


    If your company runs fitness programs in Canada, you need to protect yourself against injury and damages claims with this Waiver and Release form.

    • The release form can be used by gyms, fitness clubs and facilities that offer exercise and athletic programs.
    • Every person who participates in one of the programs should sign a Waiver and Release before starting the program.
    • The participant releases the facility from any liability for personal injury or death resulting from the person's participation in the fitness program.
    • The participant acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with the program and assumes all responsibility for those risks, and waives any legal claims he/she may have for injury or death.
    • This form can be used in any Canadian province or territory. (Québec facilities are advised to seek legal advice before using.)

    Don't take chances with your business. Download the Waiver and Release form today.

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    Last Updated: 19-January-2021
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