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    Outdoor Club Release and Waiver


    Outdoor club activities can often carry the risk of injury or even death. Protect yourself and the club against legal claims with this downloadable Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement.

    • Applicants for membership in the club must submit a signed copy of the Agreement before their membership application will be considered.
    • The applicant acknowledges the risks involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing, etc., and assumes all responsibility for those risks.
    • The applicant releases the Club and its officers and members from any responsibility or liability for injury, death, illness, loss or damages resulting from the applicant's participation in any Club activity.
    • The applicant represents that they are physically fit and able to participate and they have no physical or mental impairment which would impact their participation in any chosen activity.
    • The applicant indemnifies the Club and its officers and members from any liability for damage or injury to a third party resulting from the applicant's activities in the Club.
    • Don't leave the club open to injury or wrongful death suits. Download the Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement and post it on your club's website for all new members to read and sign.
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    Last Updated: 19-February-2021
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    Medical Emergency Assessment Form for Fitness Program


    It's a good idea to have all participants in your fitness and exercise programs complete this Medical Emergency Assessment Form before taking part.

    • The form is especially important for clients who are seriously overweight or who have health issues such as asthma, allergies, or hypertension.
    • Each participant provides personal information about their current state of health and medical history.
    • Participants must also provide the name and phone number of their physician, persons to contact in case of emergency, and details of their medical insurance coverage.

    Once you buy the form, you can download it, personalize it with your logo and contact information, and use it as and when needed.