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    Video Game Soundtrack Agreement


    Hire a composer to score a soundtrack for a new game product with this Video Game Soundtrack Agreement.

    • You can use this agreement template for game titles released in the United States and Canada.
    • The soundtrack composer is retained on a "work for hire" basis.
    • The contract price will be paid in installments, as each development milestone is met.
    • The game developer will retain full ownership of all music used in the game.
    • The soundtrack composer will be entitled to 50% of the royalty for music which is used for any purpose outside of the game, such as on a music album or in TV broadcasts, etc.
    • The template form can be downloaded immediately after you purchase it. it can be easily modified and adapted to fit your unique specifications.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 25-October-2022
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    Master Recording License for Use in TV Broadcast or Video


    License a master for use in a television broadcast or video with this Master Recording License.

    • The composer of the music grants the producer of a television program a license to use the master recording in one or more episodes of the TV program, and in videos or other reproductions of the program.
    • The license is a nonexclusive worldwide license to distribute a certain number of video and DVD recordings of the program.
    • The producer can extend its distribution license to an unlimited number of copies by payment of additional license fees to the composer.
    • The license does not extend to soundtrack albums or other recordings.

    The Master Recording License for TV Broadcast or Video is a downloadable digital template which will be a valuable addition to your music contracts library.

    USA Compulsory Mechanical Rights License


    Grant a record company or an artist the right to record music you hold the copyright on with this USA Compulsory Mechanical Rights License.

    • The copyright holder gives permission for the record label or artist to record the song.
    • The copyright holder grants the recording company or artist the right to reproduce, distribute and sell the composition, in exchange for a royalty on each sale, at whatever the current statutory rate is.
    • The form is in accordance with the United States Copyright Act and is governed by U.S. laws.

    Songwriters, composers and music publishers can all use the Compulsory Mechanical Rights License to allow other parties to record the music they have copyrighted.

    Publicist Services Contract


    Sign up performers to your public relations agency and write your own custom contracts with this easy-to-use Publicist Services Contract.

    As the performer's publicist, you agree to provide advice and assistance in all areas involved with publicity and public relations, including:
    • choice of material to be performed by the artist,
    • attendance at functions and photo ops,
    • unpaid interviews in all media,
    • handling of press releases and articles,
    • dissemination of information about the artist.
    The Agreement also contains a clause appointing the publicist as attorney-in-fact for the artist, for approval and consent purposes. The publicist does NOT act as the artist's agent or manager.

    This Publicist Services Contract template is available in MS Word format, and is totally editable to meet your specific needs.