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    ACT Notice of Termination by Landlord


    If you have a tenant who is in breach of the tenancy agreement, serve him/her with this Notice of Termination by Landlord for Australian Capital Territory.

    • The form is consistent with the Australian Capital Territory Residential Tenancies Act 1997.
    • This is NOT an eviction notice. The Notice of Termination requires the lessee / tenant to take specific action(s) within a specified time frame or the lessor / landlord will apply to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal for a termination and possession order.
    • Easy to use - just download, fill in and print.
    • Do you have multiple tenants? You can use the form as often as you need to at no additional cost.
    • This Australian Capital Territory Notice of Termination by Landlord form is available as a MS Word template.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-March-2018
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