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    Royalty Agreement for Software Licensing | Canada


    Do you develop software for customers that could be licensed to third parties with similar businesses? Set up a licensing and royalty arrangement with this Royalty Agreement contract for Canadian software developers.

    • The agreement is between the developer and a client who has hired the developer to create a software package specifically for its business purposes.
    • The parties agree to work together to initiate marketing opportunities to license the software to third parties.
    • The developer will pay a royalty to the customer for each software license it grants to an end user.
    • Royalties will be calculated and paid annually based on the total amount of end-user license fees paid during the preceding calendar year.
    • Both parties will use best efforts to promote and market the software to potential end users.
    • The Agreement is governed by Canadian laws and can be used in any province or territory of Canada except Quebec.
    • This Royalty Agreement template is available as a downloadable MS Word document which can be easily modified to fit your unique needs.
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    Last Updated: 23-June-2018
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