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    Management Agreement | USA


    This Management Agreement template sets the terms for retaining an individual to manage the business and operations of a US company.

    • Independent Contractor. The manager will not be an employee, but is being retained on an independent contractor basis to manage the company's affairs exclusively.
    • Compensation. Fees for the management services will be paid on a regular basis (this can be monthly, quarterly, etc., as agreed to by the parties).
    • Indemnification. Each of the parties indemnifies the other party against claims or damages.
    • Termination. Either party can terminate the contract on 3 months' written notice.
    • Governing Law. The form is intended for use in the United States and to be governed by US laws.
    • How to Get the Form. You can access and download the template immediately after you buy it. Once purchased, it's yours to use as often as you like. There are no subscription fees or additional costs.
    • Available in MS Word format and fully editable.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 30-January-2023
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