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    2012, October

    3 Is Your Business Ready to Franchise?
    For many business owners, franchising can appear to be an ideal form of business expansion. Franchisees are responsible for the entire investment in opening locations and due to that investment, are highly-motivated to perform well. That allows franchisors to grow and experience brand awareness a lot faster than they otherwise might. But not all businesses are cut out to franchise. If you’re considering franchising, one of the most important questions to ask is simply, “Am I ready?”
    0 Three Ways to Resolve Your Business Debt

    Small business entrepreneurs whose companies are mired in debt can find a way out again, if they are willing to work with debt relief providers. These are organizations that provide complementary counseling sessions and give insight into what the business owner can do in order to lessen their debt burden and save their business from bankruptcy.

    0 The Pitfalls of Subletting Your Rental Unit

    Let's say two years into a 5-year lease term and you get a new job that requires you to move to a different city. What do you do? Your only options are to either (i) get your landlord to agree to let you out of the lease early (which could be costly), (ii) find someone to take over the balance of the lease through an assignment, or (iii) subletting to another tenant who will rent the place for the balance of the lease term, which means you remain on the lease as the original tenant.

    0 What is the Difference Between an Accident and an Incident?

    In occupational health and safety lingo, the terms "accident" and "incident" may appear to be interchangeable - but they're not. An incident is any situation that unexpectedly arises in the workplace which has the potential to cause injury, damage or harm. An accident is actually an incident that resulted in someone being injured or damage being done to property.