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    2013, December

    0 This New Year, Resolve to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

    Happy New Year! With January almost upon us, it's time to start thinking about those New Year's resolutions. Are you focusing on self-improvement this year? Eating healthy, exercising more, quitting smoking - is one of those at the top of your list? Self-improvement is a wonderful goal. But why not try to be a little bit more environmentally altruistic this year and resolve to start living a greener life? With a few simple changes, each of us can reduce our environmental footprint and do our par...

    0 How to Protect Your Business From Creditors

    The time to protect your assets and your business investment from creditors is before any financial problems arise. If you attempt to protect your business assets after you borrow money or after a financial or creditor issue arises, you may allow your business creditors a better chance of accessing your assets and challenging any planning you have done.

    0 Get That Damage Deposit Back! A Checklist Every Tenant Should Follow

    You've given notice to your landlord and now it's time for you to move. Are you worried about getting your damage deposit back? Provided that your landlord is a reputable sort, and provided you've been a good tenant and have kept the premises clean and in good repair, there should be no reason for the landlord to keep any of your deposit. But even the best of tenants can overlook something, so here is a list a number of things you can do before you move to ensure your deposit comes back to you with no deductions.

    0 An Overview of the Franchisee-Franchisor Relationship

    The key to fostering a mutually profitable franchise relationship is understanding the key principals of franchising. This article discusses the role of the franchisor and the franchisee and what each party brings to the relationship.