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    2011, June

    0 Business Equipment - Should You Lease or Purchase?

    If you're starting up a business, cost drives every decision you make. And when it comes to business equipment, you need to determine whether it is most cost-effective and advantageous to lease or purchase the equipment necessary to your business.

    There are essentially three options available for acquiring the equipment you need: a straight lease, lease-to-own (a "finance lease"), or outright purchase.  The term "business equipment" can apply to anything you need for your operations, including ...

    0 Should You Buy a Franchise? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you ever thought about becoming a franchisee? There are some great opportunities out there for enthusiastic and hard-working entrepreneurs, but first you need to do your homework. Here is some basic information that you need to know if you're considering buying a franchise.

    What is a franchise?

    Franchising is the practice of licensing others to use your successful business model. A franchise is basically a clone of that business model. The franchisor has replicated its method of doing bus...

    1 12 Tips to Writing a Website Development Agreement

    Many web developers prefer to create their own Website Development Agreements for clients. Do you know if your agreement template addresses all of the key issues it should? This article provides a checklist of the provisions that you should be including in your standard form agreement. At the very least, you need to include clauses covering:

    • who owns the website and content after completion,
    • protection of intellectual property rights for any software or resources used in building the site,
    • ...
    0 Preparing for That Important Investor Meeting

    Careful preparation for meetings with the investment community seems as obvious as it is necessary. However, good intentions all too often get sidetracked and key preparations can easily be overlooked. The questions outlined below will serve as a checklist to make sure that every important item is addressed well in advance of your next investor session.