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    2011, May

    0 How to Draft a Software Development Agreement - A 12-Point Checklist

    Are you a software developer? More to the point, are you a software developer who wants to draft up a standard form of contract yourself, instead of having a lawyer do it? This checklist can help you cover the bases, but remember that it's always advisable to have a lawyer review your final form of agreement before anyone signs it, to make sure everyone's interests are addressed (it saves on litigation costs later).

    Let's look at each of the sections that should be included in a standard-form S...

    0 Is Customer Service Dead?

    To answer my own question, not dead yet (nod to Monty Python). But it's definitely ailing. It seems like most of the service sectors could use a refresher course in courtesy. Remember back in the day when you would pull into a service station (keyword "service"), and a smiling attendant would come out, pump your gas, check your oil and even wash your windows? And when you paid for the gas, you might even get a free air freshener for your car! (If you're under 30, all of this will sound like some...

    0 How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Online Business

    The domain name you choose for your website, like your corporate name and other business marks, is an important component in marketing your business. It identifies you to online visitors and customers, who will then associate it with the products and services you provide. It is therefore very important to choose carefully when deciding on a domain name. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind when choosing your domain.

    0 How to Escape a Fire in Your Workplace

    Several hundred people die in workplace fires in North America each year. Would you know what to do if a fire broke out in your workplace? Many commercial buildings distribute emergency safety plans to each of their tenants, and hold fire drills once or twice a year to give workers a chance to practice their escape. But if your company has not developed its own fire safety plan yet, here is a set of steps to follow to help you escape a fire emergency.

    fire and chair

    Seven Steps to Take Before an Emergency A...