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    2012, February

    0 How Do I Find a Good Professional Advisor for My Business?

    Now that you have some ideas of what to look for in your professional legal, business and financial advisors, the question is how to find them.­ Referrals, searches, and professional organizations are all good sources to use. Ask questions, do your research, and interview potential candidates. These people will have a huge impact on your business. It's important to pick the right ones.

    0 Professional Advisors: 10 Qualities You Should Be Looking For

    Small business owners soon learn they cannot do everything themselves. Some matters - financial, tax and legal, specifically - require professional attention from an expert. Here is a list of 10 qualities you should be looking for in your legal, financial and business advisors.

    1 Do Your Employees Know What Your Mission Statement Is?

    Every business needs a mission statement, to serve as a blueprint for business planning and decision-making. A mission statement that clearly states the business’ purpose and goals will inspire your people to pull together as a team to accomplish that purpose, and will give management and stakeholders a means of measuring its success.

    0 Confidentiality: A Client's Right, A Professional's Duty

    Law offices must hold all information respecting client matters in strictest confidence unless disclosure is (i) required by law, (ii) authorized by the client, or (iii) demanded by court order. This restriction extends not only to the lawyers, but to all law students, paralegals, administrators and office staff. Every client has the right to confidentiality, and every lawyer has a duty to ensure it.