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    2021, March

    0 How to Use Trade Mark Symbols Correctly

    Are you in the process of registered a trade mark? Do you know which trade mark symbol to use at each stage of the process in connection with the trade mark?

    0 How to Sell Your Goods on Consignment

    Artists, artisans, vendors, crafters, home businesses and small manufacturers often find that selling their wares through traditional channels can be too difficult and too expensive. Selling goods on consignment, whether online or through a bricks-and-mortar storefront, can be a workable alternative that costs very little, and gives them an opportunity to obtain exposure for their work in several locations and sell goods through more than one dealer.

    0 Do Your Plans for a Home Business Comply with the Laws in Your Area?

    Are you thinking of starting a home business? Do you know whether you can do so legally in the neighborhood you live in? Before you invest a lot of money in inventory, supplies and equipment, make sure that your ability to operate your business will not be impacted by zoning laws, bylaws, or restrictions imposed by the local Home Owners Association. If you live in a condo, or if you rent, there may be further limitations imposed by the condominium association or by your lease.

    0 Tips For a Successful Business Lunch Meeting

    Power lunches are an important part of most executives' weekly schedule. But if you've never arranged a business lunch before, it can be a little intimidating. Here are some easy tips which will help you plan a successful business lunch, and hopefully pave the way to a successful transaction.