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    2012, November

    0 How to Combine the Right Ingredients for Successful Franchisee Training

    Designing critical elements of training before you sell franchises is essential if your franchisees are to succeed. Not only will effective training contribute to your brand’s quality and consistency, prospective franchisees are impressed when they see you’ve committed to robust training throughout the organization.

    0 Don't Let Clients Do an End Run Around You

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    Let's say you're brokering a deal between a client who wants to sell a business and potential buyers who are interested in acquiring just such a business. You arrange for your client to meet several of these buyers to discuss whether a deal is do-able. Later, your client tells you that none of them are really serious and he'd like some time to consider his options.

    A couple of months go by, and you find out that he completed the sale of the business to one of the buyers you introduced him to....

    0 A Transfer on Death Deed Can Avoid Probate on Your Property

    A growing number of U.S. states have enacted laws that allow a home owner to record a Transfer on Death Deed (also called a beneficiary deed or a TOD) during their lifetime. This form of deed will transfer ownership of their property directly to the beneficiary (grantee) named in the deed when the owner (grantor) dies. This is a low-cost and trouble-free alternative to setting up a living trust in order to keep real estate property out of probate.