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    2013, February

    0 Don't Be Late! Why Having a Tardiness Policy is a Timely Idea

    We've all had one - an employee who just can't seem to get to work on time. Whatever the reason, chronic lateness attracts the attention of everyone in the workplace and affects productivity. That's why a tardiness policy is so important.

    0 Can I Get Sued if a Contractor Gets Hurt While Working on My Property?

    It's a nightmare to think about - a roofing contractor working on your house slips and falls off your roof, resulting in serious injuries. You have many sleepless nights wondering if he's going to sue you. What can you do to protect against such risks?

    0 Sweat Equity Plan: A Rewards Program for Your Employees

    Building a business is hard work, and building a successful business is even harder. It takes commitment, nerves of steel and a dedicated team. Every SMB owner can point to one or more employees who have gone the extra mile for the good of the business. These people are the backbone of your team, and their efforts, dedication and loyalty should be rewarded with something more than an extra couple hundred bucks in the Christmas card.

    0 What to Do If Your Promissory Note Goes Unpaid

    You loaned money to an old friend. Things started off well, and he made a couple of payments. But now three months have gone by without a payment, and he's avoiding your calls. You're faced with a dilemma - he's an old friend and you don't want to ruin the friendship, but you can't afford to just write off the money you loaned him. Should you sue him?