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    2011, February

    0 Partnership FAQs - Answers to the Most Common Questions

    Q. What is a partnership?

    A. A partnership is an unincorporated business that is owned and operated jointly by two or more parties. It is typically an ongoing long-term business operation, the end goal of which is to create profit for the partners.

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    Q. What's the difference between a partnership and an incorporated entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company?

    A. The biggest difference is that a corporation has a legal existence separate from its owners, with the same legal rig...

    0 What's the Difference Between a Partnership and a Joint Venture?

    Today's post begins a three-part series on Partnerships and Joint Ventures. This article explains the differences between the two business arrangements, and the advantages and drawbacks of each.

    This is a question that we get asked frequently, so it seemed like a natural topic for a blog post. Let's do a comparison of the two structures.

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    Formation and Duration

    A partnership is a business entity that is not registered as a corporation or a limited liability company and which is owned and ca...