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    2013, October

    0 How Shareholders Benefit From a Voting Trust

    A voting trust is an arrangement under which legal ownership of shares belonging to one or more shareholders are transferred to a trustee, along with the voting rights attached to those shares, usually for a specified period of time. The shareholders retain beneficial ownership of the shares and all other rights and benefits, except for the right to vote the shares.

    0 13 Tips for Conducting an Employee Performance Review

    Every business, no matter the size, should conduct employee performance reviews at least once a year. This process gives employers a chance to let employees know that they are valued and that their efforts are appreciated, and it also affords an opportunity to address any areas that may need improvement.

    0 Renting to a tenant without pre-screening them is a recipe for disaster

    As a landlord, you put your property at risk when you list it on the rental market. You can reduce your risk and protect your investment by following a few simple rules.

    0 9 Secrets to Hiring a Good Contractor

    When searching for a contractor to do new construction or renovations and improvements to an existing home, there are some key considerations to keep in mind to help you find a reputable company that will do quality work.