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    Consignment Sale Agreement


    Sell goods on consignment with this Consignment Sale Agreement form between a supplier and a dealer.

    • Selling goods on consignment gives independent suppliers (such as artisans, crafters, and collectors) a chance to sell their products without the major expenses of opening a retail location, or the heavy workload of running a mail order business.
    • You (as supplier of the goods) pay the dealer (as seller of the goods) a percentage of each consignment sale.
    • The supplier retains ownership of the consignment goods until they are sold or until the dealer pays the supplier for the goods and takes over ownership of them.
    • The dealer is authorized to sell the goods under the supplier's standard conditions of sale, including any applicable warranties.
    • The dealer is responsible for proper storage of all consignment goods in its possession and for keeping the goods insured in the name of the consignor.
    • This is a generic legal form which does not contain references to specific laws of any country or region. It is fully customizable to fit your needs.
    • Buy and download the form, fill in the information, and sign.
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    Last Updated: 30-April-2021
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    USA Exclusive Distributor Agreement


    Set up your distributor network across various states by appointing exclusive distributors within defined territories under the terms of this Distributor Agreement.

    • The distributor has exclusive rights to the territory set out in the Agreement, and non-exclusive distribution rights to specified areas outside the primary territory.
    • The distributor must meet certain performance requirements and must comply with all licensing and other laws in the territory.
    • If the distributor fails to meet its contractual obligations, the supplier has the right to take over the territory.
    • Buy the form once, use it as often as you require.

    You can use this Distributor Agreement template across all 50 states. Buy it, download it, and it's yours to use as often as you like.