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    Letter of Intent to Purchase Products


    Negotiate the terms of a large purchase of products from a supplier with this Letter of Intent to Purchase Products.

    • The prices and terms extended to the customer will be no less favorable than those given to the supplier's best customers buying similar products in similar quantities.
    • Quoted prices do not include shipping, duties, taxes, insurance, freight charges, etc.
    • All products will be of best quality and workmanship.
    • The template includes a schedule in which the products and price quotations can be listed.
    • The Letter of Intent is not a legally binding contract. It confirms the parties' intentions to complete the transaction. The seller can then order the products and ensure that they are available, and the buyer has the assurance that the price quotes will not change.
    • This is a generic digital template that can be used anywhere.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 28-June-2021
    SKU: 5355
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    Product Purchase Agreement


    Draw up a Product Purchase Agreement between a customer and supplier with this downloadable template.

    • Customer is responsible for paying all shipping, insurance, taxes, import duties, and other charges.
    • Supplier retains title to the products until the invoices are paid in full.
    • Supplier will transfer any transferable product warranties to Customer.
    • Customer indemnifies Supplier against any claims or actions with respect to the use of the products.
    • Mutual confidentiality provisions to protect each party's proprietary information.
    • Customer agrees to comply with all export and import control laws.
    This Product Purchase Agreement template is a generic (not country-specific) legal contract.